Four aspects of rest-home carpeting

As a rule, rest-home carpeting is put to a very rigorous usage as compared to other types of carpets particularly when compared to domestic carpet. They receive even more harsh treatment than many other commercial carpets. It would be put to use by the differently ambled and the disabled as well. Thus the criteria for carpets to be used in rest-homes are very different to those other types of carpets. So what might be the criteria for the carpets as compared to the usual types of carpets available.

  1. The material used for the manufacture of the carpet.
Stool for the aged

Stool for the aged

This is a major factor affecting the overall decision about which carpet you will choose for your rest-home. There are primarily three materials that are used in making carpets. Wool, Nylon and Olefin. Of the three, the nylon carpets are most commonly used in rest-homes.

This is simply due to the resilient nature of the material. Since old and infirm people tend to suffer with more spillage and soiling of the carpets, the nylon carpets can be cleansed with strong chemicals and detergents without too much damage to the carpet. They tend to take the rough cleaning methods more than any other material available.

Wool is water and fire proof so that are two benefits for rest-home managers to consider but it is also more expensive.

Olefin also called polypropylene carpets are reasonable general commercial carpets with very good stain resistance. However, they are not as durable as the other two materials.

  1. Expenditure

As with all economic activity, rest-homes have to measure their costs and profits at all times. Thus a functional carpet must also be cost effective. Firstly, there are the cost and ease of installation of the carpet. This then translates into the maintenance cost that is then incurred over the lifetime of the carpet. Increasingly rest-homes are part of a big chain of operations that works on a profit motive to report to shareholders. So finding a cost effective solution to the needs of carpeting in rest-homes is very important.

  1. The location of the carpet

The location of a carpet and the use to which the carpet is put to go a long way in deciding the type of carpet to use. While nylon carpets are resilient and durable, they fade quickly when exposed to sunlight. Here it would be prudent to use Olefin carpets as they can be quite resilient to sunlight. But again bear in mind the anticipated usage by residents, staff, or visitors including service providers.

As for areas that could face a fire hazard, wool carpets are to be used. They have fire retardant properties. At the entrances and lobbies, Nylon carpets are to be used as they take the punishment of footfalls and wheels quite well.

  1. Appearance
Carpeting for rest homes

Carpeting for rest homes

Given that the residents of rest-homes are more senior in age, many of them might have impaired sight and hearing. So a bright carpet is often preferred so that the residents at the home receive some additional sensory stimulation. In times gone by, rest-home carpets tended to be rather dull but in recent years the designs, patterns and colour schemes have been extended so now there is plenty of choice to match almost any rest-home interior decor.

It is also possible to have custom made carpets if a corporation is operating the rest-homes and wants to install company colours or logos.

There are certain medical conditions that respond positively to the exposure to bright colours and this aspect is not to be brushed aside. For example, some Alzheimer’s sufferers respond to coloured stimulation. You can get some more details about that here.


The topic of rest-homes carpeting is a complex one.  This short article has only been able to cover a few of the more common factors. For a fuller understanding and professional advice you need to talk to a NZ rest home carpet company. One of the top-rated supplier is called Carlisle based in Auckland. However they have people all around the country who can advise on the types of carpet best suited to your different applications in your rest-home.