Why You Should Choose Carpet Tiles for Office Fit-outs

Boardroom carpet tiles NZ

Boardroom carpet tiles

I had just leased a large amount of office space for my new business and I was as keen as ever. I was going to make sure that every aspect of the office was as productive as possible. So, I decided that it would be in my best interest to ask the top CEOs in my area about their office structure. I was very interested to see how the best of the best would set up their offices for maximum efficiency, and I learned some really good business secrets. One of the biggest tips that they told me was to never use regular carpet in the office, and to always use carpet tiles. For other ideas on office fitouts, click here.

I was first perplexed by such a statement as, besides the obvious size variances, I really didn’t know the difference between regular carpet and carpet tiles. I thought that they were essentially the same thing, and that any differences were really negligible. I found out that my assumption was dead wrong and that I was about to make a huge mistake for my business in choosing regular carpet rather than carpet tiles for office fit-out.

What they told me was that for a business, the image is the utmost most important factor. Without a good business image, your business will go down the drain. They say that a lot of business owners eventually fail because they put all of their effort in only one aspect of the business and completely neglect another. They said that one aspect that many novice business owners neglect is the presentation of their office.

The office is where meetings are held with important people, and is the essentially headquarters of someone’s business. For example, if you want to impress a potential big new customer, then a scruffy floor covering is not going to work. In fact it is likely to be detrimental to your ambitions. If you have the right setting for your business office you will find out that most meetings will go well and that your employees will be very productive. On the other hand, if you fail to have such an atmosphere in the office, your business will suffer severely.

At that point I was still wondering what exactly carpet tiles had to do with this advice. Then, I realised how silly I was in not understanding the concept yet. The flooring of an office is a key part to its presentation that you cannot mess around with if you want a good business image. I realised from these other bosses that carpet damage and carpet stains were some of the biggest problems an office space can have. It was easy to imagine as almost every worker will have a cup of coffee or tea next to their working space. A few times they might occasionally spill the stuff. Then there is the constant foot-traffic, and the dirt created by the electrical appliances in the office. Computers, printers and copiers all create a lot of dust which can easily stain the carpet.

Carpet damage and spill marks are some of the most off putting factors a business can have. Would you decide to rent an apartment which is covered in stains and damage? Of course not. This is where using carpet tiles come into play.

Blue office carpet tiles

Blue office carpet tiles

Using carpet tiles as your office floor covering, you negate all of the unnecessary problems which arise when using regular carpet. As they are tiles, if one of the tiles get damaged you can easily replace it without the help of a professional. They said they would stockpile a good amount of replacement tiles and that they would be used on a weekly basis in accordance with any carpet damage done in the office during the week. In addition they told me that by using carpet tiles, stains were kept at a minimum and that the office was always looking one hundred percent professional.

By talking to these leaders, I realised how important it is for any business owner next time they have an office refit, carpet tiles should be used instead of regular rolls of carpet. There is definitely more than meets the eye for such a simple thing as carpet tiles, and I’m glad to have gained this knowledge.

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