Why You Should Contact An Employment Dispute Lawyer on the North Shore If Your Boss Is Bullying You

If your boss routinely treats you poorly, you might feel like you have to learn to live with their bad behaviour. After all, they’re the one in charge; you’re just their employee.  However, if you can show that your boss is creating a hostile work environment, you might be entitled to some kind of settlement. You should talk to an employment dispute lawyer and see what kind of options are available to you:

Talking To An Employment Dispute Lawyer Is Free

Find a lawyer who specialises in employment law for example by searching in Google for employment dispute lawyer on the North Shore. Once you have found the right law firm, you should schedule a free initial consultation. When you set up a consultation, you’ll be able to talk to a lawyer and get some legal advice on your work-place bullying.

There is no risk to talking to a lawyer because of client privilege, your lawyer won’t be able to say anything to your boss. Since the initial consultation will be free, you will not have to pay anything to find out more and where you stand.

Give The Lawyer A Clear Picture Of The Situation

During your meeting with the lawyer, you should accurately describe the situation to them. Tell them what kind of behaviour your boss engages in. Let them know who has witnesses this behavior. Do not embellish the situation, be honest. If you have any evidence, like email or text messages, you should bring this with you to the lawyer’s office.

If you provide your lawyer with a lot of evidence, they will be able to determine how strong — or how weak — your case is. If they believe that you have a strong case, they may offer to represent you.

Paying For Your Lawyer

Once you have finished the free consultation, you will have to pay to retain your lawyer’s services. With that said, you might not have to pay for anything up front. You could come up with a payment plan for your lawyer.

In civil cases that are likely to end in a settlement, lawyers often offer to wait on payment until after the settlement is received. From there, they will take their payment out of their monthly settlement.

You Could Be Entitled To A Very Large Settlement

Employment Lawyer on the North ShoreNot only do you not have to put up with your bosses bullying, you could actually turn a bad situation into something positive. You will be able to get away from this job and get compensation money for the pain and suffering your boss has caused you.

You should not be afraid to talk to a lawyer and see what kind of settlement you may be able to get. If your boss is putting you through a lot of stress, you may be able to make your company pay for that financially.

No one should have to live with a bad work environment. If your boss is actively bullying you, then you need to fight back. Don’t complain about them to your friends or co-workers; take action. Make sure that you can bring the bullying to an end. Talk to an employment dispute lawyer today.

McVeagh Fleming