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Carpet Tiles for Restaurants?

Why Choose Carpet Tiles for Restaurants?

If you run a restaurant, the last thing you want to spend a lot of time thinking about is probably your floor. However, the look and feel of a restaurant floor may set the theme for the entire dining room.

Commercial carpet tiles for restaurants

Commercial carpet tiles for restaurants

If you want your eatery to appeal to family, casual and fine diners, a carpeted floor is nice. However, you have to be sensible about carpet. After all, you are running a restaurant and people spill food and drinks.

Why Do Carpet Tiles Make Sense in Restaurants?

There are two very good reasons to use carpet tiles in a restaurant.

  1. Versatile
  2. They are affordable
  3. Simple to replace one square or the entire restaurant

Versatile tile

These days heavy-duty carpet tiles come in a variety of colours and textures. This means you can find tiles to match just about any style, décor or colouring your designer might have in mind. What’s even better is that when they are correctly laid on your floor, your customers won’t know that you did not just install a fine roll of carpet.

Restaurant Carpet Tiles Are Affordable

We all know how expensive carpeting is for a home. Commercial grade carpet is even more expensive. However, commercial grade carpet tiles, while more costly than ordinary domestic tiles are nevertheless, considerably more affordable than rolls of industrial strength carpet.

Given the huge start-up and running costs for a restaurant, it makes sense to control investment on ongoing costs where possible. Where better to start than with one of the most important and heavily used aspects of your diner – the floor covering?

Carpet Tiles Are Simple To Install And Replace

Commercial carpet tiles also known as squares are generally available in a 50cm x 50cm square. However. Sometimes you can find larger ones if you need them. They are meant to be laid down like any floor tiles. Usually, the back of the tile has a sticky strip covered by paper. Once the paper is removed, the tile sticks in place just as if it were nailed to a floor board.

If you have ever tried to lift old wall-to-wall broad-loom carpet you will know that it is quite difficult to lift. However, even though these tiles are meant to stay firmly in place, they are very easy to pry up when necessary. So they are very easy to replace when the need arises. To make sure you can replace any worn or damaged tiles, simply buy an extra box or two in the beginning so you can get them from the same production batch and then you will have easy replacements on hand when you need them in case a tile gets ruined by spilled food or drinks.

Can you imagine the cost of repair or replacement with a full-width carpet?

Another benefit of using tiles is that if you decide on a colour change or redecorate in a few years, then it is very inexpensive and simple to replace your entire floor. You do not have to make a lifelong commitment in order to keep your flooring nice.

With other choices, like ceramic tiles, regular carpet or wood, you could hardly justify the expense of replacing them very often. Besides the extra expense of these traditional types of flooring, you may even have to close off areas of your restaurant while work is being done.

Do You Need A Professional To Install The Tiles?

This is one of the best things about working with these tiles. You could choose to hire somebody to do the work, but installing these tiles is a fairly simply DIY project that should only take a few hours.

You can even lay them over an existing hard surface, though you might want to hire somebody to remove your old carpet and floor boards. Removing an old carpet will be the hardest part of the job. All you really need to install them is a yardstick and a sharp knife to cut them.

However, since you want to create a good impression to your paying public and critics, you would be best advised to engage a professional carpet layer. Their expertise will make a difference in the appearance and also the time required to complete the job.

Why Not Consider Installing Carpet Tiles In Your Restaurant?

Restaurant carpet tile

Red and grey carpet tile

If you need new flooring, there are plenty of reasons to consider carpet tiles for a restaurant. They are fairly inexpensive to purchase, easy to install and easy to replace. Since your investment will be smaller than for other flooring choices, you can afford to replace your whole floor in a few years if you change your mind about the decor. In any case, if you think you can’t afford new flooring in your restaurant, check out prices for carpet tiles online or at a local home improvement store.

This is a commercial wholesaler of carpet tiles. Carlisle Carpets Ltd.


Commercial carpet tiles

If you have almost any type of commercial operation then you need Light red carpet tileto create a good impression to visitors, especially your customers and prospects. Commercial carpet tiles are a great way to create such a good lasting impression of your business and the premises you operate from. Further, since this type of flooring is also hard wearing and long lasting, you will be able to maintain that visual impression for a long time gaining greater benefit from them and getting better value for your hard earned money.

If you are looking for new flooring for your premises, the ideas below will help you decide. Here are some of the advantages that might guide you to choose commercial carpet tiles:

1. Economical

All businesses need to be mindful of their expenditure and when it comes to flooring we are generally looking at a very high financial outlay. So companies need to look carefully at any flooring they are considering buying. However, commercial carpet tiles are a budget friendly floor covering. The initial outlay for the tiles themselves is considerably lower than for loon carpet. Plus, the installation is also much easier and therefore generally the labor cost is very competitive. This link explains about laying carpet tiles on a concrete surface. But the economic gains do not stop there and this floor covering is also easy to clean and very low cost for maintenance or repair.

Office carpet tiles2. Durability & Quality Construction

Commercial grade carpet tiles have developed over the years and are now used in many major commercial complexes such as hospitals, shopping malls, airports and many big office buildings. Their durability, heavy-duty backing and manufacturing quality guarantee that these tiles are less likely to become loose or rise up which not only helps prevent injury but also looks better in your building. For more info on the durability of carpet tiles, this site from the NZ government has some background.

3. Reduce Noise in High Traffic Areas

Heavy-duty commercial quality carpet tiles also work as a sound buffer and reduce the level of noise in high traffic areas. On the other hand, these carpet tiles are also helpful in creating a peaceful atmosphere in a workplace by reducing noise such as the sounds of footsteps, which breaks the concentration of employees working in your company. Thus, you can increase employee productivity by absorbing the extraneous noises that area natural result of human activity especially in places with lots of electronic machines like computers, printers and HVAC systems.

4. Easy Maintenance with Carpet Tiles

Staining and wear are other major concerns when choosing commercial flooring products. These issues are much reduced in the case of commercial carpet tiles. They are easy to maintain and the tiles are often treated to resist staining. If there is a high risk of damage or excessive staining, then you just need to choose tiles that required no adhesive for installation. In case of any stubborn stain on your carpet tiles, it is easier to replace that particular tile rather than replacing whole flooring. There are many maintenance methods that you can consider. These include:

  • Preventative Maintenance to protect your investment in these tiles before occurring of any problem
  • Vacuuming
  • Spot and Stain Removal
  • Professional Deep Cleaning Process

It is also easy to extend the life span of your carpet tiles where you get lots of foot traffic by switching them with other tiles in less heavily used spaces. This is not possible with broadloom carpet.

5. Add Style, Beauty and Professional Look With Commercial Carpet Tiles

There are thousands of choices available while choosing commercial carpet tiles in terms of colour, design, patterns and textures. That means you can find tiles that match your corporate identity so you can make your rooms look part of your business.

You can also use different colours or patterns to code different areas of your building. For example, each department or each floor might have its own color-coding so visitors can easily identify where they are.

6. Carpet Tiles Cushion of Slips and Falls

Not only do commercial carpet tiles absorb noise as discussed above but they also cushion footsteps, reducing the strain on staff especially if they are on their feet for along time.

They also risk have a rougher surface which grips shoes better which reduces the risk of slips and falls preventing injuries to office employees. By using these tiles in your premises, you can provide safety and protection to everyone working there. These tiles are particularly helpful in hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

Summing up commercial carpet tiles

It is clear that if you are looking at a new floor covering in your workplace, then it will be worthwhile considering carpet tiles. They are no longer the boring flooring that we saw a few years ago. For businesses in Auckland they can find a fantastic range of commercial carpet tiles at Carlisle Carpets Ltd. This is the link to their site They are not just wholesalers but are specialists in commercial carpets and floor coverings. As a result they have worked with almost every type of commercial environment and so will be able to give you advice about your own situation.