Family Trust Lawyers On The North Shore

Family Trust Lawyers On The North Shore – What Is A Family Trust And Is It Necessary To Have One

First of all, let’s make sure everyone has a thorough understanding of exactly what a Family Trust is and then we can move into what the second part of the question. Briefly put, a Family Trust is basically just a trust that gets set up in order to protect a family’s assets, for both current and future members. So far, that sounds fairly basic and simple, right? If it is so simple then why doesn’t every family have one? The following are some thoughts of a trust lawyer. This is not legal advice, and for full advice, you should consult with family trust lawyers on The North Shore.


Asses protection using a trustSo let’s dig a little to deeper to see why you would want to through all of the expense and time of getting a trust set up, to begin with, and by being aware of the major reasons to go down that path so that you can determine whether it is something for you or not. Then consult with a North Shore trust lawyer who you can discuss this in more detail.


Reasons why you might want to get a family trust set up:


  1. Protecting assets against commercial claims


When you transfer funds or property from your name to a family trust, then those funds cannot be touched and are protected under law. While you probably will be responsible for any shortfall in debt, like a property’s remaining mortgage, and while you will need to repay the debt still, now the property has been passed to the trust so it cannot be taken back in exchange for repayment. Family trust lawyers on The North Shore can help.


  1. Protect your assets against any property claims by relatives


Briefly put, if you pass on your finances or property in your will to a child after the inheritance is received by the child, under law, the spouse can claim a large portion of it. However, if the property or funds have been transferred to a family trust, beneficiaries, who might be family members may have access still, however, the spouses will not necessarily. Since the assets aren’t in your name, but in the family trust name, the trust beneficiaries can keep these assets but, in the event of a divorce, your partner won’t be able to take any of it.


  1. When you are unable to trust family members to use the funds left to them responsibly.


Family Trust Lawyers On The North ShoreIf in your will you bequeath money you won’t have any control over how the funds are spent. Probably many of us know individuals that spend money as quickly as possible instead of saving it to spend in the future. Instead of the money being in a family trust, the trust rules may allocate part of the assets over time. This way, the individual won’t be able to spend all of it once. They will instead have the investment returns that are generated by the trust or may be allocated in a lump sum at specific stages in their life, or when they reach a certain age.


To make your assets safe, be sure to look for family trust lawyers on The North Shore. McVeagh Fleming.

West Auckland carpet cleaners

A West Auckland Carpet Cleaners Guide To Using Carpet Cleaning Equipment To Care For Your Carpets

You have spent thousands of dollars on beautiful carpets to improve the attractiveness of your home, and they are so comfy on your feet.  However, you do not want the investment to become ruined by oily soil, dirt or stains that will wear the carpet down making it appear and smell older than it is.  To ensure this does not happen, it is recommended that you utilise carpet cleaning equipment to care for the carpets.  This article will provide information on carpet cleaning and the different type of cleaning equipment available.  Alternatively., after reading the work and risks involved, you might want to hire a professional West Auckland carpet cleaner to do the work for you.

I am sure you would rather have a carpet look and smell clean and fresh instead of old and dirty.  A foul-smelling carpet can be caused by pet odours, cooking smells or even normal everyday dirt and grime.  Using carpet cleaning equipment can ensure the carpets continue to look like new regardless of their age.

West Auckland carpet cleanersWhen a person hears the term “carpet cleaning equipment”, we immediately think of the large steam cleaners used by a West Auckland carpet cleaner to shampoo carpets.  However, a traditional vacuum cleaner can also be considered part of the carpet cleaning equipment arsenal.

So, you must first have a full understanding of why having a high-quality vacuum is so important.  The vacuum cleaner is your first means of defense against removal of dirt, grime and dry soil.  Elements such as food crumbs, mud or pet hair can also be eliminated by a high-quality vacuum.  The quality vacuum can reach deep into the carpet and draw out this debris so it will not wear down or abrade the carpet.

Of course, there is far more to keeping carpets clean than merely cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner.  You will need to use a form of carpet cleaner to eliminate any odours or oily and sticky soiling.  If oil deposits are left within the carpet fibres, it can result in carpet decay.  Moreover, if the carpet is light in colour, the oil deposits can make the item look dull and old.

Great, now you know that you need to shampoo the carpets; however, choosing from the plethora of carpet cleaning equipment on the market can be overwhelming.  So, to ensure you use the best cleaning equipment available it is important to do research as not all equipment is created equally.

Some systems are well-known for leaving residue on the carpet, which then increases the problem as it attracts residue to the cleaning agent.  This completely defeats the initial purpose of cleaning the carpet and will make it dirtier.

The hot water extraction system tends to the be the most beneficial option when it comes to removing oily soil grime.  Using this system, the machine sprays a solution of detergent and water into the carpet; then, it uses a highly powerful vacuum to suck the water and soil into the holding tank.

Another option is the steam-cleaning method.  This option uses carpet cleaning equipment similar to a boiler where the tank becomes heated up to a high temperature, approximately 120-degrees Celsius, and the steam or vapor escapes through powerful jets.  The steam cleans and sanitises the surface quickly and efficiently leaving the carpet fresh and clean.

Another form of carpet cleaning is the dry steam cleaner which operates in virtually any area of the house, including patio doors, refrigerator seals and, of course, the carpets.  The latest models present with a unique self-cleaning system where they heat up in less than thirty seconds.  They also provide a plethora of pressure settings allowing you to alter the speed to accommodate different types of cleaning.

You can either contact the professional services to clean your carpets or rent carpet cleaning equipment.  If the carpets are soiled particularly badly, then it is recommended that you contact the professionals as they have the correct skills, the professional cleaning problems, and the heavy-duty equipment to ensure your carpets are clean.  A professional cleaning service will also offer you more time between the carpet cleanings.

Regardless of whichever type of carpet cleaner you utilise, and whether you opt to clean the carpets by yourself or with a professional West Auckland carpet cleaner service, it is important that you utilize carpet cleaning equipment to care for your rugs.  Regular cleaning of these carpets will ensure that your carpets appear brand new and fresh, thereby, extending the life of the carpets.

Auckland carpet cleaner for end of tenancy

Special Considerations For Carpet Cleaning For Tenants In Your Apartment

Most landlords want their tenant to hire professional carpet cleaners when they vacate the premises. It is usually part of the leasing agreement. If a tenant fails to do this then they are at risk of losing a significant part of their bond so it is strongly recommended that any tenant hires an Auckland carpet cleaning company for their end of tenancy cleaning.

Finding the right cleaner to handle carpet cleaning for the tenants is a challenge because the task is ensuring the hired cleaners offer quality services as the utmost professional conduct. The cleaning services need to adhere to the following special considerations:

Arranging a time for the end of tenancy carpet cleaning

It is usually up to the tenant to arrange for the carpet cleaning company to visit the premises rather than the landlord’s responsibility.  The carpet cleaning should be carried out after all of the tenant’s possessions have been removed so that the carpet cleaners can clean aloof the carpet surfaces. This not only makes it easier and quicker for the carpet cleaning company but it also means that all of the carpet will be cleaned so the landlord will have less argument for not returning the bond.

Cleaning carpet stains

Carpets often get spot stains on them as well as gathering general dirt or dust deep in the fibres of the carpet. These can be from spilled drinks, food stains, or even childrens dropped art supplies like paint for example. Most people will actually cause damage to the carpet if they try to remove the stain with a hard rubbing technique. It is much better to point out the stains to the carpet cleaner and they will most likely have a suitable eco-friendly carpet cleaning agent that they can use on spot stains. Rubbing hard on a carpet can remove the fibres, leaving a thin carpet which the landlord will probably charge you for.

Communication with the carpet cleaner

Auckland carpet cleanerThe schedules should not be used an excuse for there being poor communication between the cleaners and landlord, landlord and tenants, or cleaners and tenants, about the carpet cleaning. Communication is essential; it will help ensure all parties have no qualms. From the information above, it is the tenant’s responsibility to arrange for the carpets to be cleaned so they need to communicate with the cleaners rather than involving the landlord.

Efficient end of tenancy cleaning for carpets

If the carpet cleaners are professional and have a good at their job, then they will have a good reputation for both being efficient and effective in how they clean carpets. Such cleaners will most probably know what it takes to get the job done when cleaning carpets for tenants in apartment complexes. Such buildings have several floors, and this means having to move the cleaning gear from floor to floor. It also means placing temporary barriers at entry points to notify tenants that work is on-going and using the latest cleaning products and techniques to clean multiple apartments all in a day’s work. All this means having a team of well-trained and experienced carpet cleaning experts.

For details of top-rated end of tenancy cleaning Auckland tenants can consider for cleaning their carpets, visit Go Green Carpet Cleaning.

Employment Dispute Lawyer on the North Shore

Why You Should Contact An Employment Dispute Lawyer on the North Shore If Your Boss Is Bullying You

If your boss routinely treats you poorly, you might feel like you have to learn to live with their bad behaviour. After all, they’re the one in charge; you’re just their employee.  However, if you can show that your boss is creating a hostile work environment, you might be entitled to some kind of settlement. You should talk to an employment dispute lawyer and see what kind of options are available to you:

Talking To An Employment Dispute Lawyer Is Free

Find a lawyer who specialises in employment law for example by searching in Google for employment dispute lawyer on the North Shore. Once you have found the right law firm, you should schedule a free initial consultation. When you set up a consultation, you’ll be able to talk to a lawyer and get some legal advice on your work-place bullying.

There is no risk to talking to a lawyer because of client privilege, your lawyer won’t be able to say anything to your boss. Since the initial consultation will be free, you will not have to pay anything to find out more and where you stand.

Give The Lawyer A Clear Picture Of The Situation

During your meeting with the lawyer, you should accurately describe the situation to them. Tell them what kind of behaviour your boss engages in. Let them know who has witnesses this behavior. Do not embellish the situation, be honest. If you have any evidence, like email or text messages, you should bring this with you to the lawyer’s office.

If you provide your lawyer with a lot of evidence, they will be able to determine how strong — or how weak — your case is. If they believe that you have a strong case, they may offer to represent you.

Paying For Your Lawyer

Once you have finished the free consultation, you will have to pay to retain your lawyer’s services. With that said, you might not have to pay for anything up front. You could come up with a payment plan for your lawyer.

In civil cases that are likely to end in a settlement, lawyers often offer to wait on payment until after the settlement is received. From there, they will take their payment out of their monthly settlement.

You Could Be Entitled To A Very Large Settlement

Employment Lawyer on the North ShoreNot only do you not have to put up with your bosses bullying, you could actually turn a bad situation into something positive. You will be able to get away from this job and get compensation money for the pain and suffering your boss has caused you.

You should not be afraid to talk to a lawyer and see what kind of settlement you may be able to get. If your boss is putting you through a lot of stress, you may be able to make your company pay for that financially.

No one should have to live with a bad work environment. If your boss is actively bullying you, then you need to fight back. Don’t complain about them to your friends or co-workers; take action. Make sure that you can bring the bullying to an end. Talk to an employment dispute lawyer today.

McVeagh Fleming

North Shore hot water cylinder repair

North Shore Hot Water Cylinder Repair – Choose A Qualified Plumber

North Shore hot water cylinder repairIf your hot cylinder is damaged, you need to hire a professional plumber for any repair or replacement tasks. If you’re unsure of the plumber to choose for the job, here are some of the qualities of good plumbers for North Shore hot water cylinder repair to help you with the hiring decision.

Accredited and Insured

Repairing a hot water cylinder is something that needs to be done in the right way and by the right person. Therefore, if you’re looking for a plumber for the job, make sure he is insured, licensed and bonded. Ask for the credentials to make sure everything is valid. That way, if anything goes wrong during the project, you can be reimbursed accordingly. The safest way to ensure this is to hire a member of the Master Plumbers Association.

Experience in North Shore Hot Water Cylinder Repair

You need to find an experienced and reputable plumber to repair your hot water cylinder. First, an experienced plumber has the expertise to handle any hot water cylinder repairs regardless of the model and size. On the other hand, you can ask for references and contact previous customers if possible to make sure that they were completely satisfied with the services offered. You can count on a plumber with a good reputation because he will do a good job and not run away with the money.

Fast Turnaround And High Quality Results

If your hot water cylinder is damaged, there is a chance that most of the things in your home are at a standstill. Therefore, you need to find a plumber with a fast turnaround without any compromise on the quality. Therefore, he should respect your time and make the cylinder start working again very fast.

Written Estimate

Once you have called a plumber to fix your hot water cylinder, he should visit your home immediately to inspect the problem and find the right solution as soon as possible. Don’t work with a plumber who gives estimates over the phone without first inspecting the issue. On the other hand, you can ask for quotes from at least 3 plumbers. Compare the differences between the estimates and find one that works for your budget.

Works Around The Clock

You need a plumber who works around the clock. That way, if your hot water cylinder breaks in the middle of the night, there is always someone available to fix it to make sure that all your chores don’t come to a standstill. Of course, a plumber who can fix your hot water cylinder at any time of the day or night, should always come with the right tools for the job, to make sure that the repairs are done very fast.

Willing To Answer Any Questions

If you don’t want to face the same issues with your hot water cylinder, you need to ask a few questions. Therefore, whatever you need to know the plumber should be prepared and willing to answer. If he brushes you off, you can rest assured that he’s just looking for a way to get more money out of you, the next time you need your hot water cylinder repaired.

For more information about North Shore hot water cylinder repair, contact Heron Plumbing.

5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Grey Lynn Home Renovations Builder

5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

Thinking about hiring a contractor usually sends uncomfortable chills up your spine. So much can go wrong – and we’ve all heard stories about how prices can skyrocket and/or the hired contractor disappears before the job is done. So much can happen that it’s imperative you know what you’re doing before letting a contractor “fix up” your home.


Grey Lynn home renovationsThe best way to find a reputable contractor is through friends, co-workers and neighbours. If your neighbour is having a job done such as renovations or repairs, make it a point to go over and chat with one of the workers or the contractor. You can also chat with the neighbour about how pleased they are with the job, both during and after the work.


Other than great references from those you know, here are five tips you may want to know about before you proceed with a home improvement job that can cost you a ton if it goes wrong.


  1. Know exactly what you want. You’re the only one who can accurately convey to the prospective house builder what the scope of your job will be. Spend time assessing the project, write down or print out pictures of what it will look like when finished.


Always specify the grade of features you require – such as brand names for appliances or the specific type of floor covering you’re expecting. Then, when you get an itemised quote, everything you specified should be addressed.


If you don’t have any clue about how to proceed with a design idea or to convey your desires, it may be a good idea to meet with a design consultant to lead you in a direction that will be clear for the contractor to follow.


Insurance. All professional contractors should be insured and should provide proof. The contractor should be up-to-date on his public liability insurance. If not, delete them from your list quickly. If the contractor can’t provide proof of insurance, you may be held responsible if one of the workers is hurt on your property and the contractor has no insurance. For Master Builders, they are required to carry this form of insurance so be sure to check it out.


  1. Get several bids. Most people consider that three bids are the minimum amount to seeking a good contractor, but more is better in this case. Six bids will definitely show you a pattern about the difference in contractors and the way they quote and do business.


You may be tempted to go with the bargain price for the work needed, but the work may be questionable. A higher bid might indicate higher quality work, but not necessarily.  Also look for a contract that has fixed prices. Many firms will bid low to get the job and then add on lots of other costs during the project. Make sure that any additional costs are agreed by you in writing before the builder commits to them.


  1. Investigate before signing a contract. Be sure you know and have seen the company name, address and have seen the insurance information.


Their customer services should have been professional up to this point too. Were your phone calls returned promptly and appointments met? Do the contractor and workers look professional? Pay attention to the details.


  1. Receive an itemised quote. Without that document, you’re in dark about what the contractor will do. You also won’t have a clear understanding of the prices involved in materials and labour.


An itemised quote means that the contractor will have less chance of “padding” the quote with unnecessary expenses and sky-high material and labour costs.


A building contractor’s reputation is their best form of advertisement. You can either use friends and other people you know to check him out or look at online. There are some rating sites but they might also get reviews posted about them too.


For a highly recommended Grey Lynn home renovations builder, try Repair and Restore.

Auckland business lawyer

A Few Things You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Engaging With A Business Lawyer


Auckland business lawyer

Auckland business lawyer

Many business owners start a company without any thought for what might happen in terms of legal issues. Unfortunately, the majority of companies fail to make any contact with a commercial or business lawyer until they find themselves in legal difficulty.  In many cases, a large corporation feels there is no need for a business lawyer as there is little chance of the company facing a legal difficulty.  In the case of smaller companies, the chances are they are unable to afford the services of this type of representation.  Irrespective of the cause of the absence, it is always highly recommended that one look at the use of a business lawyer before legal situations arise.  Of course, when locating a commercial attorney there are various considerations to take into account, such as the various pros and cons of their assistance.  This article will provide information on the various benefits of engaging with an Auckland business lawyer.


  1. Familiarity With Statutory Laws And Regulations


One of the primary benefits to utilizing the services of an Auckland business lawyer is the fact that they will be highly familiar with the relevant statutory laws and regulations.  It is seen that some individuals, particularly the owners of smaller companies, will attempt to manage lawsuits independently as a method of saving money; however, this can be highly detrimental if the individual does not have sufficient knowledge of the legal system.  Furthermore, they will need knowledge not only of the legal system but specific statutory regulations related to their particular commercial legislation.  Business lawyers have trained in this area and specialized business lawyers will be knowledgeable in relevant fields.


  1. Assistance With Legal Documentation


As is mentioned above, there are businesses that choose to represent themselves in lawsuits; however, this is not the only area where a business lawyer will be beneficial.  The legal knowledge can be beneficial when drafting legal documentation in all areas including contracts for employees and suppliers, handling of leasing documentation, and the protection of the company branding or logo.


  1. Association With Licenses And Taxes


Despite the fact that the accountant or bookkeeping department is responsible for the preparation and filing of a company’s tax returns, it is highly recommended that you utilise the services of a business lawyer for the legal aspect of licensing and financial taxation documentation.  Each year, it is necessary for the company to register tax identification numbers with a review of the tax consequences to all transactions.  This would be most adequately handled by a business lawyer with experience in licenses and tax as they have knowledge in this area which accountants may not.


  1. Experience And Expertise With The Law


By employing a business lawyer who is highly experienced in your particular niche industry, it is easy for the company to be adequately represented during meetings and conferences.  The lawyer will be able to provide relevant representation answering any necessary legal questions when required.  This will provide a beneficial appearance making your company seem competent in all areas; as well as increasing communication between associates and employees.

Litigation lawyers in Auckland

Getting Help From A Litigation Lawyer

Court casesMany of us have watched programmes on TV about court-room dramas. They are extremely popular often because of the power and presentation of the lawyers and the uncertainty of the outcome.  However, most court cases are not like that. They tend to be about dry subjects, mainly where two parties cannot reach an agreement on a certain issue.  The last resort is to take the case to court where the litigation lawyers will present the evidence from the two sides and a judge will make an adjudication.

The article below will discuss what a litigation lawyer is and how Auckland litigation lawyers  can help people with their particular case.

A Litigation Lawyer Is?

Most lawyers work from their office and do not set foot in a court as the vast majority of cases can be resolved by negotiation between the two sets of lawyers. However, if that is not possible, then the case will go to the District Court in Auckland. Here, the legal representatives of each party will present their cases, argue against the other, and help their client with their own appearance in court.  Such legal representatives are known as litigation lawyers and sometimes litigators.

There are two strands of practice for litigator – civil and criminal litigation. Generally, for criminal, a person will look for a criminal defence lawyer as the prosecution will be on behalf of the Crown.

For the majority of time, it is civil litigation that people need representation.

Auckland Litigation Lawyers Work On?

Litigation can arise in almost every field of legal practice. This can range from employment disputes, insurance claims, faulty goods and even tax disputes. Where agreement is not possible, the case will be heard before a court.

To illustrate, here are a few examples of the type of work a litigation lawyer might undertake.

  1. Employment Cases

Employment law is a tricky area and many companies fall foul of the complicated processes involved in employing people.

For example, redundancy is a common situation where an employer might try to negotiate a generous settlement for staff that they no longer want to employ. However, there is a very clear path laid out by the New Zealand Department of Employment. However, even with a generous offer, if an employer does not follow the procedure, then they are laying themselves open to litigation.

  1. Breach of Contract

A common reason for a situation to go to court is for what is generally known as breach of contract. This can arise for many different reasons such as supplying goods that do not match the purchase specification, failure to provide a service that was contracted, and many others. Usually the lawyers of each side will be able to advise their clients of the wisdom of settling out of court but sometimes that is not possible. In these cases, then the litigation lawyers for each side will appear before a judge who will deliver their verdict.

  1. Disputed Will and Estates

disputed willOften, wills are disputed by aggrieved heirs of a deceased person. Some will feel they should have been left more money or they may dispute the legacy given to another person included in the will. This is very common among blended families where a two people come together and one or both have children from a previous relationship.  If the will is not worded well, then disputes can arise all to easily.  In these situations, the case will go to civil litigation for a judge to hand down a decision.

Summary on Help From Litigation Lawyers

Auckland litigation lawyersThe foregoing shows that litigation lawyers can work on a vast range of different types of cases. They can help their clients prepare the case, present the documents into court and then argue their side of the matter. The best course of action is not to go to court as the judge might make a decision that you do not agree with. It is also much more costly. However, if agreement cannot be reached, the civil litigation is the last resort.

McVeagh Fleming is a litigation lawyer in Auckland. You can find more details about them from their website.

Mt Eden house renovations builders

Why House Renovations Builders Are Cheaper Than DIY Jobs

Do-It-Yourself house renovations can be inexpensive and easy to do. However, these days fewer people are wanting to go down the DIY route especially for big house renovations. There are various reasons for this including, people not having the skills required to make the renovation, lack of motivation, and being time-poor for big renovations. So more people are turning to house renovations builders in Mt Eden to renovate their home.

DIY house renovation builders don’t finish

House renovations Mt EdenMany people have started renovation jobs on their homes but the jobs remain unfinished. They may lose motivation, the y might get frustrated because they can’t do a certain task properly, or the run out of money. Whatever the reason, we have all seen house renovation jobs that linger for months and months. The original idea of saving money by doing the renovating yourself soon becomes an expensive, unfinished task. However, if you hire a house renovation builder, they have to complete the job to get paid. It’s as simple as that.

House renovation builders will complete the job

The builders are going to stay on task to finish the renovating the house. Also, and this is a really important pint, the builders will work to the plan they have been given. They are not going to change their minds part way through the project. That doesn’t mean the home owner won’t change their mind but at least the builder will do what they have been tasked with finishing.

House renovation builders make fewer mistakes

The builders know how to do the job without making excessive, expensive mistakes.  They and their workers, will have years of experience so will be able to see how a job ought to be done. Their skill will mean that there are fewer errors which will save a lot of money. Imagine if you make a mistake when you are cutting the kitchen counter-top. How much extra will that cost to replace?  However, if the builder makes this mistake it is up to them to get the new supplies and it cannot be tacked onto the bill at the end because it was part of the supplies.


House renovation builders work faster

The renovation builders will also be able to work faster. This will be apparent in two ways.

Firstly, they will complete a specific task in less hours than a DIY amateur. Secondly, they will be able to work eight hours a day rather than only in the evenings or at weekends.  So for both reasons, the renovations building guys will complete the task \much faster.

Mt Eden house renovation builders work out cheaper

House renovations builder Mt EdenWhen people are looking at major house renovations it will definitely be a challenge to get the work completed properly if they go down the DIY route. It may seem that paying for the labour of a building company is a big expense but when compared to the final build quality, the cost of materials and the time to complete the entire house renovations project, this is a relatively small price to pay.

One of the leading house renovations builders in Mt Eden, is Repair and Restore. They have a long and proud portfolio of outstanding house renovations in and around the Mt Eden area. Visit their website to see some video testimonials from happy clients.


West Auckland real estate agent for high-end houses

Choosing a Real Estate Agent To Sell Your High-End Home in West Auckland

Selling a home can be tough but the challenge increases when you are selling a high-end home in west Auckland. Potential buyers have different needs from purchasers of more regular homes. This means the sales tactics for selling regular houses are not going to work in the same way with a luxury home. So marketing a luxury house requires skills and expertise which most real estate agents don’t have. If you are trying to sell your high-end home, you need to hire a specialist high-end real estate agent West Auckland who does have those skills. Here are some tips to ensure you choose the right real estate agent.

Experience in selling high-end homes in west Auckland

Many people pass the exams required to become a real estate agent in New Zealand but that does not mean that they are capable of selling your high-end home. Selling this type of house requires a skill and expertise that only comes from experience in successfully doing the job.

The real estate agent you choose should not only have expertise in home sales, but they should have experience in the luxury market. Knowledge of the local luxury west Auckland high-end house market will allow them to present the home and bring in qualified buyers.

Track record in selling high-end homes in west Auckland

Getting any listing is difficult but to get high-end house listing takes skill. However, before you choose a real estate agent you need to determine if they have been able to sell their luxury listings. You need an agent with a recent track record of successful sales.

That track record should show sales that have been settled with top prices and in a relatively short period of time. If you find an agent who has sold most of their listings after the houses sat for months on the market, you might want to consider someone else.

Reputation of the real estate agent

Real estate agents need to have a network established with other agents in the area. This is especially true with high-end homes. Try to establish if the agent you’ve selected has a good reputation in the local real estate market.

You should also ask for referrals from previous customers. You want a real estate agent who is well thought of by people who have sold and bought listings through them. Previous customers can also give you a good idea of what you can expect when working with this agent.


When you sell a house you will spend many hours communicating with your real estate agent. A house sale is not a simple transaction and this is even more so with high-end houses.  The real estate agent you choose should be respectful and honest in their communication with you but also timely. You don’t want to be waiting on a reply from them. If they are not communicating with you, they might not be returning calls from prospective buyers either.

Honesty is important especially when it comes to selling a high-end home. You want to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. If you are not able to communicate with your real estate agent, it can increase the amount of stress you feel about the sale.

Marketing high-end homes in west Auckland

When you list your home with a real estate agent they are responsible for marketing that house either directly to potential buyers or to other agents. As a high-end home, the property itself may be used as a marketing tool but your real estate agent should also have other ways to market your home to get either a fast sale or the top price possible.

High-end real estate agent West Auckland

Marketing a high-end house in West Auckland

You should agree a marketing budget that allows them to put your house forward to generate an interest in the property. They should also have a network of agents who may have buyers for the property whom they can contact. A good marketing strategy can help sell your home quickly.

Before you choose a real estate agent to sell your high-end home, make sure to look into these five elements. By selecting the right high-end real estate agent for homes in west Auckland you can ensure you will be able to get the best price for your home in the shortest amount of time.